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Welcome to the World of Debrecen Cat Association!

We are pleased to inform you that from now on we joined forces as an Association to help stray cats of Debrecen and Hajdú-Bihar county! The World of Debrecen Cat Association (one ’Deci’ – for the love and care for cats) held its inaugural meeting on March 1, 2013. Two months later, on 4 June 2013 the court has registered the Association.

The World of Debrecen Cat Association was established explicitly and exclusively to spay stray cat populations in Debrecen and Hajdu-Bihar county!

We feel there is still a lot of work in Hungary in the field of animal protection education.  Lots of organizations deal with animal rescue and adoption. We – as an Association – would not primarily take part in these actions.  However, no other associations in the region have made efforts to focus on neutering. Private attempts with stressful psychical and financial efforts were made by individuals to prevent overpopulation. We are confident that the strength and desperation of the members of our Association can provide effective support in the county. And we hope we will soon extend the boundaries of our activities.

In line with the international standards - while no other equally effective method is found – the neutered cats are marked during the surgery by removing the tip of their ear. The procedure is done under general anesthesia during the surgery, it does not cause pain, but gives great help in identifying the specimens of big stray colonies. Other marking (ear tags, tattoos) are not expedient among wild animals.

One of our objectives is to lauch educational programs, events, the details of which you can read in our Articles of Association here on our website.

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Luca Tanodája

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