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The seven golden rules of responsible pet ownership

Author: dr. Ilona Kobzos


Sooner or later, most families begin to think about adopting a pet.

Before this happens careful planning is needed. You must make an honest assessment about the lifestyle, schedules of the family, wether it suits the animal or not. To avoid later troubles you must evaluate all the circumstances before making the decision on what breed to choose. Keep in mind that even a dog or cat adoption means committment for ten to fifteen years. 

Especially the hearts of the children are captivated by a hairy little thing, but do not forget that the cute and fluffy babies will grow up in time but deserve the same love as when they were small. You should equally look after them on all the 365 days of the year, even when you are tired or do not feel like to act around them. They are living creatures, not stuffed animals, whom you put on the shelf and take it off when you feel like.

If you want to bond with your cat or dog and expect them to be affectionate, you should love them as much as you expect from them. Never unleash your anger on your pet. They neither understand nor can be blamed. All pet owners have experienced that the animals can sense our emotions without telling a word. These are the most touching moments when our pet consoles us when we are down. 

Keep in mind that no medication is as effective as the proper, balanced breed-specific nutrition. Feed him or her at the same time every day with appropriate food for the life stage. Do not forget that a lot of human food is specifically toxic to pets. A responsible pet owner is aware of this information before adopting a pet. The second pillar of proper nutrition is the substantial amount of fresh clean wate in their bowl. They can be just as thirsty as we are.

It is important to know that every animal needs regular exercises, even hamsters and guinea pigs. It is well known that dogs need walk several times a day, especially if you keep them in a flat. It is a myth that dogs who live in residential houses with a garden do not need walks. There are certain breeds who need even more physical exercise. Many people therefore opt for a cat. This is partly true, but these small fluffy creatures need exercises as well, especially when they are young. If you keep your cat exclusively indoors, you must furnish your apartment to satisfy their specific needs.  There is a variety of cat furniture, most of them can be made do-it-yourself with a little skill and some materials. You do not need to buy expensive store miracles. It is important that it is made from some natural material that they can scratch. This is partly to maintain their claws - as we cut our nails -, and partly to mark their territory.

You can be a happy pet owner only if your pet is perfectly healthy. This includes regular visits to the vet. Take him or her to the veterinarian for a checkup and vaccinations at least once a year. Regular deworming is just as important. It is recommended to deworm outdoor  animals monthly, while indoors in every six month.

We are responsible not only for our pet but also for her offspring. Before deciding to breed you must remember that you will be the person with the primary responsibility for finding good homes for the babies. Otherwise you just increase the number of unwanted stray dogs in the streets and animal shelters. Animal protection organizations make enormous efforts to encourage spaying and neutering. You must recognise that it does not harm your pet but has several advantages to him or her. 

Finally, we can not ignore the environment. Pets and owners must live in perfect harmony. You must create an environment where both of you feel safe and comfortable. 

If you consider carefully all the above mentioned recommendations before bringing an animal into your home, it will be a joyful thing to take care of them.


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