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How to help


Thanks to everyone who reads this article, because it means that you see the point of our work, and you want to help us.

Here is how you can help our work:


Cash Donation:

Cash donations are primarily spent on neutering stray cats. We are financing the vaccination program of gentler stray animals, which contains the basic vaccinations against cat diseases (panleucopenia, calicivirus, herpes, chlamydia and leukemia) and rabies. We provide medical treatment to the colonies that we support. 

Bank account: IBAN: HU56 2705 0139 7637 0010 0001 1205 SWIFT code: UBRTHUHB

Raiffeisen Bank Zrt.


Other donation: 


The donations are distributed to the feeders on demand. What they might need:

• cat food (canned and dry food)

• immune boosters

• wormings, spot-on 

• fever and pain relievers

• contraceptives

• carriers (to hospital)

• traps (to capture stray animals)


We accept drugs only before their expiration date.                      

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